Thursday, February 25, 2010

Just Sent Out My First Custom Order!

A lady my mother works with was having a tea party this weekend and about a month ago she had asked my mother if I made custom orders for party favors. But of course I do...well, at least now I do :)

I spent a couple weeks designing some new yummy teas that wouldn't be too "herbally" and tasted fabulous and created 40 tea samples with 3 bags each. If I say so myself they turned out wonderfully!

My mother took them to her this morning and we shall see what the reaction is next week. It was a blast making them, knowing that 30-40 women were about to be introduced to The Om Intention and that I may make a few new friends.

This little venture made me think...if I could do favors and make labels specific to the event, say weddings or baby showers or even tea parties, I could spread the word about my shop even more and have fun in the process! Because making those tea samples were a lot of fun!

Here's to new business, to getting my name out there, and to filling time in my severely unemployed days. Hahaha

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New Teas and New Herbs

This week I've added some new teas and herbs to the shop, and still have more to go!

Today I've added my new tea Berry Berry Yummy. I didn't make it to serve any high, lofty, or remedy-like purpose...I made it to taste yummy! While it isn't just berries that is the flavor that most stands out. It has a hint of orange and cinnamon, and is wonderful as both a iced tea or hot tea. Did I mention it's great as an anti-carcinogen and anti-inflammatory? Well it is!!!

This week I'm also going to be adding my new flowery tea, Springtime Bouquet. It's light, floral, and has a wonderful flavor. With chamomile, lavender, jasmine and lemon peel its quite a pleasant tea. It reminds me of a spring day, like something I would drink at a garden tea party.

I'm also posting my new herbal tea that I designed for my friends and family battling diabetes. It's called SugarBuster and it's a one tea fighting machine. It helps regulate blood sugar, it helps reduce edema, and it tastes REALLY GOOD! I've heard some great reports from friends who are using it so I'm happy to begin selling it now.

I'm working on some new teas next week...some for taste, some for a purpose...and I am so excited to show them to you!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

When Life Gets Nuts!

Many of you may know that I recently left the Virginia area and moved back to my home town in Massachusetts. Well, that made for a more hectic life than I ever thought possible. Now I've had a month to re-energize, refocus, and this month is all about posting my new, wonderful teas!

What's coming down the road?

A tea for the common cold! That's right, it helps clear the sinuses, soothes the throat, and calms the stomach all in one! I've been testing it on local family as well as myself and I can happily report that it works gently and silently and caused our nasty colds to last 3 days tops! Can you imagine??? Woohoo!

A tea for menopausal women! I'm leaving out the Red Clover that many such teas include because all the post-menopausal women in my family found Red Clover to react horribly in their systems and actually made things why take that chance?

A tea for diabetics! Every little herb in this baby is known for helping the body regulate blood sugar as well as reduce edema! It also tastes sooooo yummy! Waiting for a report back from my guinea pig to see how well it worked for him and I'll be letting you all know!

A tea for women trying to get pregnant and want an added boost to their fertility. I will be joining this group shortly (wedding in less than 90 days!) and wanted to create something for those of us who need a little extra help and want it to be more pleasant than a shot in the buttocks :)

I'm also going to put out a new line of yummy teas that are purely for taste! I know! All my teas are good, but these babies are specifically for the yummy factor. Does the fact that they are also good for you detract from the yumminess? Not even a tiny bit.

So keep your eyes open and check back here or at my Fan page on Facebook because I'll be letting you all know as I post them.

Nice to be back!


Thursday, October 15, 2009


THIS WEEKEND, FRIDAY OCTOBER 16TH THROUGH SUNDAY OCTOBER 18TH ALL PREPACKAGED TEAS ARE ON SALE!!! Make your purchase between midnight on Friday morning and midnight Sunday night and get 25% off all prepackaged teas! Purchase 4 or more and get FREE SHIPPING!

This does not include prepacked herbs, bath salts, or herbal tea samplers.

As always, 10% of all purchases go towards CandleLighters Organization, helping families afford to give their children a fighting chance against cancer!