Thursday, February 25, 2010

Just Sent Out My First Custom Order!

A lady my mother works with was having a tea party this weekend and about a month ago she had asked my mother if I made custom orders for party favors. But of course I do...well, at least now I do :)

I spent a couple weeks designing some new yummy teas that wouldn't be too "herbally" and tasted fabulous and created 40 tea samples with 3 bags each. If I say so myself they turned out wonderfully!

My mother took them to her this morning and we shall see what the reaction is next week. It was a blast making them, knowing that 30-40 women were about to be introduced to The Om Intention and that I may make a few new friends.

This little venture made me think...if I could do favors and make labels specific to the event, say weddings or baby showers or even tea parties, I could spread the word about my shop even more and have fun in the process! Because making those tea samples were a lot of fun!

Here's to new business, to getting my name out there, and to filling time in my severely unemployed days. Hahaha

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