Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Woa, What Happened??

As many of you may have noticed I unintentially dropped off the face of the planet for the last week or so. Not to worry, while there were a few small oops and emergencies the big reason for my online-absense has mostly been due to too much business!

I know, too much! I wasn't prepared! Imagine..me..little girlscout that I am. I had an incident involving shattered glass all over my entire supply of tea bags, ran out of most of my tea bases, and had so many orders that I had to work long into the night and most of the weekend days to get caught up, and I'm still going!

Well, I've gotten my new order of tea bags and the new tea bases will arrive tomorrow, my new packaging will arrive the day after that and this weekend will be filled with preparation and new products listed!

Now to fulfill a few more orders and fill my promise to a certain blog give-away winner who is either being the most patient person in the world (and oh, shall she be rewarded) or has completely forgotten and will be getting a very nice surprise shortly!

I appreciate everyone's patience, your encouragement, and your faith that I would return!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Another Weekly Etsy Artisan Favorite Of Mine!

I found this shop while looking for potential jewelry for my wedding when I had chosen a very simple wedding dress and wanted to spice it up with something gorgeous and unique. Everything I saw in this shop was more lovely than the next and made me really jealous that I have NO talent at jewelry design.

This is the item, Pandora's Key - A BREATHTAKING GREEN CRYSTAL CAMEO CHOKER with HANGING BRASS KEY on RARE VINTAGE RIBBON LACE, I had planned to wear, or ask if she could make with a red or black ribbon instead until we bought a much more fancy dress. I may still buy it just because....if my hunny will lift the ban on new jewelry :)
Whoever gets a piece by GhostLoveJewelry will be one lucky and fashionable person!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

In Addition To Free Shipping!

This weekend we are offering a 10% discount on EVERYTHING in the Etsy and Artfire store as well as free shipping!

Etsy: Simply purchase the item, make your payment and all discounts will be reimbursed to you within 24 hours of receipt!

Artfire: When you are checking out simply add the following coupon codes : LABORDAY10 and LABORDAYFREESHIP

This will be applied to all purchases made from Saturday, September 5th through Monday September 7th.

Any special orders requested and approved over the weekend will also receive this discount but ONLY if the payment for the special item is received before Monday at midnight.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Labor Day Weekend Deal! Free Shipping!!!

Have you been thinking of buying some tea, grabbing a bath salt, or trying a sampler but don't want to spend so much on shipping when you can pick up something kinda-sorta similar (but much lesser quality, of course) at your local healthfood store?

No problem! This weekend any purchased made between 12:01am Saturday, September 5th through 11:59pm Monday, September 7th will have all their shipping fees reimbursed to them!

So, start picking out your favorites now and all shipping charges will be reimbursed to you by noon on Tuesday (if not earlier!).

Just remember that all my products are made fresh, handcrafted to taste perfect each time, and are made from the best possible ingredients, most organic and many even wildcrafted!

Also watch out for some new products this weekend as I finally get some of the new packaging I've been waiting for AND new bath/body product toys to make bath bombs!

Bath Bombs Away!

I just got confirmation that my new supplies are on their way and I should have them by the end of the week! And a long weekend! Oh joy!

So, I'm getting plenty of stuff to make bath bombs, going to make them all natural and herbal, of course. I also put in another order (and got some nice essential oils for a new customers too) of additional stuff to make Halloween and Winter themed bombs too! So excited.

What else is new....Trying to put the finishing touches on my new website www.theomintention.com and I think my next tea will be a flu-fighting tea since so many people around me are getting sick and MD/DC/VA is getting ready for a horrible flu season. Why not give them something to help fight it BEFORE you get hit with it? I know I'll be drinking a lot more tea in the coming months. I need to save my vacation/sick time for my wedding in May.

See that dress? That's my dress! I know the front looks nice but the back is amazing! It laces up like a corset but with these thick ribbons and it is so beautiful. Le sigh...le heave. 8 more months. ACK!