Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bath Bombs Away!

I just got confirmation that my new supplies are on their way and I should have them by the end of the week! And a long weekend! Oh joy!

So, I'm getting plenty of stuff to make bath bombs, going to make them all natural and herbal, of course. I also put in another order (and got some nice essential oils for a new customers too) of additional stuff to make Halloween and Winter themed bombs too! So excited.

What else is new....Trying to put the finishing touches on my new website www.theomintention.com and I think my next tea will be a flu-fighting tea since so many people around me are getting sick and MD/DC/VA is getting ready for a horrible flu season. Why not give them something to help fight it BEFORE you get hit with it? I know I'll be drinking a lot more tea in the coming months. I need to save my vacation/sick time for my wedding in May.

See that dress? That's my dress! I know the front looks nice but the back is amazing! It laces up like a corset but with these thick ribbons and it is so beautiful. Le sigh...le heave. 8 more months. ACK!

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