Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Woa, What Happened??

As many of you may have noticed I unintentially dropped off the face of the planet for the last week or so. Not to worry, while there were a few small oops and emergencies the big reason for my online-absense has mostly been due to too much business!

I know, too much! I wasn't prepared! Imagine..me..little girlscout that I am. I had an incident involving shattered glass all over my entire supply of tea bags, ran out of most of my tea bases, and had so many orders that I had to work long into the night and most of the weekend days to get caught up, and I'm still going!

Well, I've gotten my new order of tea bags and the new tea bases will arrive tomorrow, my new packaging will arrive the day after that and this weekend will be filled with preparation and new products listed!

Now to fulfill a few more orders and fill my promise to a certain blog give-away winner who is either being the most patient person in the world (and oh, shall she be rewarded) or has completely forgotten and will be getting a very nice surprise shortly!

I appreciate everyone's patience, your encouragement, and your faith that I would return!


  1. Yay- I was wondering what happened to you!!! ;)

    Also, that is terrible about the glass all over the tea bags- what a nightmare!

  2. Yeah, my partner knocked into my shelving unit and destroyed a whole thing of tea but also made the bags unusable. I would have been really mad but she felt so horrible already.

    I feel like I've been playing catch-up ever since.