Friday, September 4, 2009

Another Weekly Etsy Artisan Favorite Of Mine!

I found this shop while looking for potential jewelry for my wedding when I had chosen a very simple wedding dress and wanted to spice it up with something gorgeous and unique. Everything I saw in this shop was more lovely than the next and made me really jealous that I have NO talent at jewelry design.

This is the item, Pandora's Key - A BREATHTAKING GREEN CRYSTAL CAMEO CHOKER with HANGING BRASS KEY on RARE VINTAGE RIBBON LACE, I had planned to wear, or ask if she could make with a red or black ribbon instead until we bought a much more fancy dress. I may still buy it just because....if my hunny will lift the ban on new jewelry :)
Whoever gets a piece by GhostLoveJewelry will be one lucky and fashionable person!

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