Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ack! No sales since March 19th!

Ok, breathe, just breathe. I must be doing something wrong. I know I should probably try to take better pictures of my teas but my camera is just not cooperating and it takes money to buy a new one. I know I should be trusting in the spirits and my intention to push through this but I'm struggling with impatience!

Tomorrow is the first of April, and while most see it as April Fool's day I will be posting one of my readings on sale! For the entire month!

I'm looking into new ways to promote the shop....any ideas would be much appreciated!

Oh, and today I opened up a sister shop on Artfire.com. I hope that if I spread myself out a little I might catch new and different shoppers. Fingers crossed.


Sunday, March 29, 2009

New Products! Chakra Balancing Teas!

I have had so much fun making these teas. I think I nearly giggled when I saw my herb order arrive. Woohoo! I got right to work. All of the herbs are certified organic so while I can say that they are organic I can't say it's certified organic since the tea itself isn't certified once its put together. Oh well. I know it's organic, you know it's organic, thats all that matters, right?

The Root Chakra tea is my favorite of the two. A spoonful of sugar makes this tea very addicting and delicious. It has Alfalfa, Chamomile and Gotu Kola. All together they are very healthful, nutritive, and great for the immune system. Each package will include 15 tea bags. I can also make a large bag, about 4 ounces, of loose tea for anyone who prefers that. You can always convo me on Etsy and let me know. I'll even include a bleach-free muslin tea bag with it for free!


Sacral chakra tea is so mmmmmmm, yummy. It's quite potent and has a strong taste, since it contains ginger but it's not unpleasant. In fact, it's the ginger root that does the most for the chakra and the body. This tea contains Damiana, Ashwaganda, and Ginger root, and is great for balancing the chakra as well as improving energetic balance overall, increasing libido, and works well for men in terms of fertility and impotence. But you don't have to tell him that! hahaha


I spent most of the weekend finding the right mix for these two teas and have already run out of tea bags. Ack! I have already put in an order for more bags AND more herbs for my next set of teas. Looking forward to another weekend of playing!

Now, just like I say on the Etsy site, and with any herbs, if you have a lot of sensitivities or allergies or are very ill or pregnant or nursing, or balancing your checkbook, etc, please consult a doctor before using it. Now, I won't guarantee that it will work for everyone, but I found, amazingly, that the Root Chakra tea helped me enormously with my allergies. I had a cup last night and today my partner and I drove around with the windows down...she was sneezing up a storm, her nose was so stuffed up. I was fine. This NEVER happens!! I'm the biggest ball of snot during cherry blossom season. So, if this reaction keeps happening I may need to market it as an allergy helper :) But don't tell the FDA! hahaha

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things, Part 2

While I'm still working hard, fighting the urge to buy everything I see, I wanted to share with you some more of my very favorite Etsy things that I have found. Feel free to check out these Etsians' shops too, because these are just a taste of what they offer! (and I'm not even being paid for this, haha)

Retro Victorian Garden Temari

I am so incredibly jealous of the amazing talent Julie has at creating gorgeous pieces of art out of nothing but a styrofoam ball, some batting and string!

This is one of my favorites but by no means the best Temari ball she sells, as each one is more incredible and intricate than the next. I would imagine there is one for everyone's taste in her shop.

Almond Joy Caramel Apple

Oh holy yumminess! I love Double and I hate her, love, hate, love, hate....Arg! Why does she tempt me so with her incredible eddibles? This one is virtually sinful!

Oh, how you haunt me! Not only does she have crazy amounts of candy apples, chocolate dipped cookies and flavored popcorn, but she's offering anyone who reads this blog 20% off the price of anything in her shop as long as you let her know you found her here on this blog! Don't you love her?

Higlark, the One-Eyed One-Horned Flying Purple People Eater

Who didn't rock out as a kid to the song "Purple People Eater"? Really. This cute little guy is one of the fabulous and quite unique creations of lizstaley, who not only makes adorable little plushies like this guy (currently on sale, by the way) but also funky and funny buttons, ACEOs, and original anime wallets!

Think Tribble but cuter. Way cuter!

Charmed. Suede Journal, Softcover
Is there anything better than a brand new journal or notebook and your favorite pen? Who needs diamonds, just give this girl a brand new, fresh notebook and pen and I'm happy! Hell, I'm addicted! I think that makes Kreativlink a pusher? An enabler?

It's 240 pages of pure creativity waiting to happen. Could work especially well for those out there who are practicing the craft and want a gorgeous notebook to write down your personal spells and concoctions. I know this seller goes on my holiday/birthday wishlist! If this one isn't your cup of herbal tea, just take a look at her dozens of other designs!

Paisley Earrings
I think these gorgeous earrings are watching me. Do you get that feeling? As someone with no real jewelry-making skills I am completely impressed, obscenely jealous, and really wishing I didn't love paisley so much. If you take a close look at these earrings in her store you'll see just how much time and effort goes into each of her creations.

These earrings are crocheted, from real gold thread and silk fibers, contain real pearls and vintage glass pearls, and is very reminiscent of India, peacocks, and makes me think of getting a henna tattoo on my hands to match. These earrings are just the tip of this shop's iceberg! Brooches, necklaces, bracelets, all made with the same care and amazing quality!

I know, I know, my tastes run the gambit, but that's why you love me. Right? Right? Hello? Don't forget to check out these amazing shops..oh, and my own of course! Perhaps these lovely shop owners would like to trade :) Fingers crossed!

Monday, March 23, 2009

The Little Anger Monster in My Head

It's safe to say that my biological father has some really bad anger issues which is why I stay as far away from him and his family as possible. Unfortunately, since an early age I also had some pretty bad anger issues which I deal with on a regular basis. Meditation certainly helps, deep breathing, and 95% of the time I'm great, no problem, but when something triggers me it throws me into major anger for the rest of the day and I have now been dealing with this twice in three days. And they haven't been your typical "someone cut me off and I'm pissed" kind of situation, they've been those "what the hell is wrong with people, doesn't anyone have any sense of decency or humanity???" kind of situations. (it takes a lot to get me angry, which is good I suppose)

Friday I got on the train and three black men sat behind me and proceeded to call me things like fat whore, ugly dyke, and told me to do any number of things to them sexually. Had it been one man I would have turned around and vollied an obscenity stream that would make my father blush, but being as I was vastly outnumbered I clutched my bag and moved to the next train at the next stop.

This morning, as my partner and I were stopped at a light, minding our own business a man pulled up next to us and looked out his window at me. No big deal, right? People tend to look at those next to them when waiting for a light to turn. So I talked to my partner and no big deal, then she looked over my shoulder and said "what is his problem?" I turned and he had placed his head in his hands and was staring out at us again, staring. I gave a quizzical look and turned away to face my partner and said "he's probably off his medication." That's when she went nuts screaming "what the hell is his problem!?" I turned around again to see him giving us the finger and the ladies his was with were laughing. I rolled down my window and said "What the hell is your problem?" He rolled down his and began spewing curses, expletives, and suggestions as what we should do to his black manly items that would make his female relatives spit in anger. The girls continued to laugh. I, of course, reached into the back of our car where the 15 softball bats are hidden. At that point my partner realized my anger-monster had surfaced, the light turned green and we took off, but I already had my seat belt off and the door unlocked. It took me about 15 minutes to calm down enough to breathe normally and be able to get on the train without killing someone.

What is it about anger? I can let go of jealousy, stress, sadness, depression, but no matter what I do (therapy, meditation, etc) I can't lick anger? And I'm not talking about just a little anger, I'm talking about so enraged I shake and grit my teeth and want to beat the daylights out of something. A therapist once told me that I should take boxing or karate to let off steam but my fear was that boxing and karate would only give me tools to use in my anger. It's bad enough that my partner is a softball coach (I know, very stereotypical) so we have a lot of bats in the car.
I suppose that the anger is good in some ways, as I have found when I am incredibly scared I can turn it into anger and it seems to get people to back off, like when I was babysitting and I took the baby for a walk through the park and this huge dog came up snarling and barking and no one was in sight. I went straight from deathly afraid to incredibly pissed off and I got in front of the carriage and starting screaming at that dog, matching snarl to snarl, bark to yell, arms up in the air to make me look bigger and eventually the dog went running off.

We were watching Twilight last night, as it so happens, and in one scene Edward, the vampire, goes into a rage at these guys who wanted to do some pretty bad stuff to Bella, the girl he loves. He gets so angry that all he has to do is look at these guys and they back off, then Bella has to calm him down so he won't go back and rip their heads off. That's how I feel sometimes. But I don't have the great excuse of being a vampire.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


They are on their way! Woohoo!

So, I didn't wait like I had planned in order to buy some supplies for my next set of products. I just couldn't. So I decided to start small and work my way up, depending on how well they sell. Not a bad idea in and of itself, right? If they don't sell then I've only spent half what I would have. If they sell I'll have enough to buy more supplies! So I've decided to move forward with my bath teas but I think, considering how few people actually take baths these days, to market them as foot bath teas (and if someone wants to use them in a bath more power to them). After all, there are two lesser known Chakras in the sole of each foot.

What I'll be making is a foot bath tea using Dead Sea Salt (which is amazingly nutritive and soothing) and organic herbs specifically blended to help heal and balance certain Chakras. I also plan to start working on creating some teas that do the same...the trick is getting the teas to taste good even with all those herbs in them. The tea could work miracles but if it doesn't taste good no one will drink it.

I've also wanted to start working more with essential oils but as I have cats who get into everything I may not be able to. Essential oils are toxic to cats as they can't process it in their liver, even just smelling it is toxic...so I try to keep them as far away from my oils as possible. I can't NOT use EOs, they are just too wonderful, so I have to be incredibly careful. I wish I had a separate space from my cats where I could mix them...perhaps once I reach my goal and have my own office.

Oh, I have a request for all of you who read this blog. Please pray for me as I have been having real trouble meditating lately. I used to be able to meditate and really focus, but lately when I meditate I fall asleep! That's fine when I meditate to relax, but when I meditate to contact my guides and try to talk to spirits about readings or people's troubles, it is not helpful in the least! It doesn't seem to be affecting my readings any, as I pray for quite some time before doing each reading, but it's getting a little annoying. I could use a little help, and apparently more sleep.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Clove Oil and Red Couches

And not in that particular order either!

This morning my lovely apartment was invaded by a very large, very stiff, very dark red couch. I had seen this couch before in a showroom but she was very, very different. She was inviting, she was soft, she was just the right size for my living room and she was a lovely shade of burnt orange. But, like so many things, when she arrived at my door she was something completely different. I think I shall call her Carrie. The Carrie couch. (that is the store's picture of it....looks burnt orange to me!)

My cats noticed the change in the room immediately and began exploring it with reckless abandon. Pouncing on cushions, jumping off the back, hiding around it's corners, trying to see which one of them could squeeze underneath it first (Phoebe won paws down).

While this was going on I was trying to abate the lovely head cold I have landed myself with by taking some Clove Oil. I love this stuff, I worship at the clove plant's...well, roots. Two small drops of this stuff and my head has cleared up! And I've been a sniveling mess for days. It works every time, don't know why I didn't just take some at the first sign of trouble. I love essential oils, I would work with them more if it weren't for my cats. Cat's can't tolerate essential oils...they are toxic to them as their liver can't filter them. Poor things...doesn't stop me from using flower essences on them...nothing like a drop of Rescue Remedy behind the ears after a traumatic event. Purrrr!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

New Item!!!

Well, I got a lot of convo's on Etsy about offering some kind of yearly spread and so I did. I'm not a huge fan of them myself but I know a lot of other people are. So, here is the link to the newest spread! I will, as mentioned in the listing, offer shorter period spreads if someone wants but you'll have to convo me so I can create a special reserved purchase for you.


After many requests I have decided to offer up the “Yearly Checkup” reading on Etsy. This reading will let you know what your year is going to look like, month by month, in general terms. It won’t tell you that your car’s radiator will need to be replaced in September, but it may tell you that September you will have problems with transportation and that a lot of money may be spent unexpectedly. This spread is also slightly different in that I can construct it in such a way that it will give divinations for certain parts of your life, depending on what you request. What are those parts of your life?


If you choose to have the reading focus on one of these aspects of your life the reading will be more specific, if not the reading may touch a little on each or on one more than others depending on how the cards read. One important thing to be aware of when purchasing a reading that is almost completely about future events is that with every choice we make we change our future. Those who go about life in a way where they let external forces rule their lives will tend to stay true to the same path throughout the year. Those who choose to have spirit lead them and move them through life may change directions several times a year as the mind struggles to accept where they are led. If you want a reading for a shorter period of time I am happy to oblige. I can do readings for 3 months out ($8), 5 months out ($10), and 8 months out ($12). Please convo me and let me know and I will create a special purchase for you.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

How I Met My Soul Mate

People ask me how I met my soul mate and I tell them, Match.com. No one seems to believe me! No, honest! I moved down to Maryland in January of 2006, about 3 months after she had, and I put up an ad on Match.com more to find some friends than anything else. I had used Match.com a thousand times before and never had luck, but I was trying something new. I put an ad out there, of my usual ilk...some likes, some dislikes, the typical ad...and got nothing. Finally, I realized that I would never find someone who could get me, even as just a friend, if that was the image I was portraying, so I got creative and came up with this:

"Enlightenment is not about becoming divine. Instead it's about becoming more fully human...It is the end of ignorance."

I'm a New Englander who just moved to Maryland. I lived in New England my whole life. Boston Globe on Sunday, fresh fried clams in Gloucester, Quincy Market and the Red Sox, apple orchards and the Salem witches, the whole New England Christmas scene..it was great! My people are book readers, liberals, and are blessed with the Bostonian's dry, sarcastic wit. I'm a tad unconventional but very easy to get along with. I have friends from every walk of life: comic book artists, psychotherapists, hair dressers, executive recruiters, teachers and even a few actors. Unfortunately, I have moved hundreds of miles away from all of them in search of a new career. I'm hoping to get to know people in the area, people I can hang out with and who can help me find all the best spots. Looking to go out dancing, light hiking, camping (modern conveniences a must), or even catching a movie or a great cup of coffee. Can't live without my jazz cd collection or my family.
I can't date anyone I'm not friends with first (though if sparks fly immediately I wouldn't hold off), a tad old-fashioned in that sense, so while I'm not specifically looking for "the one" I'm keeping my eyes and my mind open. I'm comfortable in my skin and am looking for someone similar. Confidence is very attractive to me as I don't want to spend my days trying to convince you that you are a great person. I'm an old-fashioned girl who loves to treat that special someone like gold and hopes for the same in return. I love cuddling, dancing, and the rest romance has to offer. Looking for someone who feels similar. I'm creative and love to stretch my mind, so new experiences and ideas are important to me. I'm looking for someone who feels the same, has a zest for life and has a good grasp on who they are and what they want.
I had no pictures to offer, yet within two days she winked at me and I winked back. We then took the plunge and both signed up for actual accounts so we could e-mail each other. We must have sent two or three VERY long e-mails before speaking on the phone and then spent 4-5 hours on the phone each time. I knew right away there was something special about her and the day we met we clicked.

So, I tell people that I met my true love on Match.com and its been three wonderful years now. I have my creative side to thank for that....my imagery of New England spoke to her..even though my love of the Red Sox and liberal nature did not endear me to the Yankee-loving republican. I try not to hold it against her, have to be open-minded after all.

The next time you think about putting an ad out there, or even putting yourself out there, just remember what you are showing the world. Giving your stats just makes you a number!

These are a few of my favorite things! Part 1

I am a hopeless addict. That's right, totally addicted to Etsy! Here are some of my favorite things.

This is a gorgeous necklace with an enormous coconut wood and shell pendant.

AniasJewelry, just love that gal! Would totally trade a reading for this baby!

This is a great Morrocan tile pendant that I just saw the other day.

Gotta love ArtfulGoodies!

Faux Suede patchwork spats! Love that! What creativity!

froschdtl has dozens of spats that look great, but these are my favs.

Ok, so I'm not the big belt buckle fan in my house, but I love this store! It's like birthday and Christmas and every other gift-giving day idea for my partner rolled into one!

I don't think I've seen one that I didn't like! MnMTreasures, you rock!
So thats it for this episode kids! I'll have to do this again soon, lots of fun!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Unproductive Weekend

I meant to get so much done this weekend. I took Friday off for my Reiki attunement and then the rest of the weekend I meant to make some nice jewelry for my site, however I came upon an impasse. Turns out I have no talent at making jewelry, which is a shame because I have a gigantic amount of beads. I tried a million variations and just could not find anything that would work and look good. URG!

Well, I suppose I can't be good at everything. So we spent the weekend enjoying the warmth, cleaning house, and getting some outdoor furniture for our new balcony. It was great sipping wine and watching the stars come out. The cats were not happy though...Mommas outside and they can't get out. Oh well.

This week I am alone and on the loose. Knowing me I'll probably crash at 9pm. I did want to exercise, that was the plan, but we shall see. I'll be driving and when I drive home it takes me about an hour and a half to get there. Keep those fingers crossed for me!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thinking Positive....UGH!

Well, in the non-metaphysical world this little gal is but a humble Office Administrator. I basically manage the office without having to handle the finance side or the bulk of the personnel side. I ALWAYS have plenty to do. Unfortunately I have the tendency to open my mouth.

My boss mentioned over a year ago, in fact he mentioned it when they hired me, that they needed someone to pour through all their documents and help them get organized. Well, the task fell to me and its quite a large task. It involves creating a document strategy, policies, and then going back and physically pouring through 25 years worth of reports, contracts, notes, etc. I've been working on it a year and have made significant progress.

Well, last week my boss came to me and the Marketing Manager and asked us to find a way to reorganize their electronic Marketing folder so that things were easier to find. I looked at the MM and said "You realize this will open up a can of worms and eventually this will leak into all our other electronic folders, right?" Sure enough, today just that happened and guess who is now in charge of completely reorganizing their electronic file system as well as performing an enormous data migration and configuration? That's right!

UGH! Can you say massive raise and/or promotion better be coming soon?

But enough about that, I'm trying to think optimistically. As of tomorrow I have a nice 3 day weekend. Our new couch is junk and the store we bought it from is sending out a "couch guy" to fix it. He already called and said he can't fix it but he'll come out and fill out the paperwork so we can "reselect" our furniture. So I have to be home for that. Good news is that it gives me loads of time to work on fun Etsy projects! I'm hoping this weekend I can put out some necklaces, maybe a talisman or two. Fingers crossed.

I've decided that my next investment will be in bath tea supplies. I love taking baths and I've found a fabulous seller of bulk organic herbs to add to the incredible Dead Sea Salt I found. Now its just a matter of figuring out how to package it all up nicely.

Oh, and keep me in your thoughts tomorrow as I receive my first Reiki attunement!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Amazing Discovery

Yesterday afternoon I had a physical therapy appointment with my aunt (a very talented bodyworker) and as I laid there on the table while she poked and prodded surprisingly tender spots I thought about her partner who has been having some problems with her health. She had had many tests and been to many doctors and they believe they have narrowed it down to something, but aren't sure.
Well, while I was laying there I thought on this and what immediately came to me was that what was happening was due to her controlling nature. She has some control issues (not in a bad way, mind you) and channels that into wanting to control her partner, her family, her life, her health and the more I thought about it the more I got the image in my head of her being constricted. In fact the word I saw in my head was "constricted".
I asked my aunt how things with her were going and she told me that they had had more tests and appointments the week before and that the doctors believed that it was some kind of disease where the blood vessels constrict (her word, not mine) and don't allow blood to the brain.

So, taking that as a sign to get on with my education I enrolled this afternoon in a Chakra Clearing and Spiritual Counseling class online. It should be very interesting and I'm really enjoying listening to my new Caroline Myss audiobook. I'm almost finished and I think I may just start all over and listen again.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow, Snow Everywhere!

What a beautiful, frustrating morning! We got a little winter snow fall overnight and, of course, DC has practically shut down. We had about 5-6 inches where I live, about 4 inches where I work, so getting to work was a tad harrowing. My poor little Honda Fit, I don't quite trust it on the snow and really don't want to have 2 fender benders within the first year of having it. Not that I can't drive in the snow..I grew up in New England...I just know for a fact no one here in the DC Metro area knows how to drive in the snow...or the rain, or fog, or bright sunny day.

So this morning I woke up and watched the snow fall as I sipped my coffee and listened to the school delays. I don't have children yet but I just love hearing them read out loud and remember that anticipation and absolute giddiness when you hear your own school called.

So after an hour of coffee sipping and snow watching I showered, dressed, and trudged out to the bus stop across the street from my apartment. 30 minutes later and no bus in sight. I let a few more minutes go by and trudge back upstairs to dry off, use the ladies room, and check that the buses are running on their website. I get inside to discover that my office is opening late. Great, because I'm going to be REALLY late. I get dried off, run back downstairs, and get to the stop just in time to catch a bus. An hour and a half later I arrive at work so another piping hot cup of coffee with real cream. Mmmmmmm.

Tonight I have to work on another Past Life Reading. I really do love those, so much fun and very educational for me. Its very interesting to see how people take things from one life and bring them into another, the lessons they have learned, the problems they didn't face, the fears they didn't conquer, even the personality traits.

I think I'll also start thinking about, and maybe even putting together an outline for, a monthly newsletter about the metaphysical. My partner and I would really like to crew this year's 3-Day breast cancer walk but the minimum donation is in the $1k's and that's hard to come up with. Perhaps I'll ask for a donation of $15 for a year's worth of monthly newsletters. Would that be something you would be interested in? Each month would have information about a tarot card, that month's horoscope, some kind of metaphysical practice or book, or movie, or event going on. Then all the donations (minus the lovely fees from Etsy and PayPal) would go towards the crewing donation fees. Hmmm, I'll have to put the old thinking cap on for this one. I'll have to find the cap first. Yikes!