Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thinking Positive....UGH!

Well, in the non-metaphysical world this little gal is but a humble Office Administrator. I basically manage the office without having to handle the finance side or the bulk of the personnel side. I ALWAYS have plenty to do. Unfortunately I have the tendency to open my mouth.

My boss mentioned over a year ago, in fact he mentioned it when they hired me, that they needed someone to pour through all their documents and help them get organized. Well, the task fell to me and its quite a large task. It involves creating a document strategy, policies, and then going back and physically pouring through 25 years worth of reports, contracts, notes, etc. I've been working on it a year and have made significant progress.

Well, last week my boss came to me and the Marketing Manager and asked us to find a way to reorganize their electronic Marketing folder so that things were easier to find. I looked at the MM and said "You realize this will open up a can of worms and eventually this will leak into all our other electronic folders, right?" Sure enough, today just that happened and guess who is now in charge of completely reorganizing their electronic file system as well as performing an enormous data migration and configuration? That's right!

UGH! Can you say massive raise and/or promotion better be coming soon?

But enough about that, I'm trying to think optimistically. As of tomorrow I have a nice 3 day weekend. Our new couch is junk and the store we bought it from is sending out a "couch guy" to fix it. He already called and said he can't fix it but he'll come out and fill out the paperwork so we can "reselect" our furniture. So I have to be home for that. Good news is that it gives me loads of time to work on fun Etsy projects! I'm hoping this weekend I can put out some necklaces, maybe a talisman or two. Fingers crossed.

I've decided that my next investment will be in bath tea supplies. I love taking baths and I've found a fabulous seller of bulk organic herbs to add to the incredible Dead Sea Salt I found. Now its just a matter of figuring out how to package it all up nicely.

Oh, and keep me in your thoughts tomorrow as I receive my first Reiki attunement!

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