Wednesday, March 11, 2009

New Item!!!

Well, I got a lot of convo's on Etsy about offering some kind of yearly spread and so I did. I'm not a huge fan of them myself but I know a lot of other people are. So, here is the link to the newest spread! I will, as mentioned in the listing, offer shorter period spreads if someone wants but you'll have to convo me so I can create a special reserved purchase for you.

After many requests I have decided to offer up the “Yearly Checkup” reading on Etsy. This reading will let you know what your year is going to look like, month by month, in general terms. It won’t tell you that your car’s radiator will need to be replaced in September, but it may tell you that September you will have problems with transportation and that a lot of money may be spent unexpectedly. This spread is also slightly different in that I can construct it in such a way that it will give divinations for certain parts of your life, depending on what you request. What are those parts of your life?


If you choose to have the reading focus on one of these aspects of your life the reading will be more specific, if not the reading may touch a little on each or on one more than others depending on how the cards read. One important thing to be aware of when purchasing a reading that is almost completely about future events is that with every choice we make we change our future. Those who go about life in a way where they let external forces rule their lives will tend to stay true to the same path throughout the year. Those who choose to have spirit lead them and move them through life may change directions several times a year as the mind struggles to accept where they are led. If you want a reading for a shorter period of time I am happy to oblige. I can do readings for 3 months out ($8), 5 months out ($10), and 8 months out ($12). Please convo me and let me know and I will create a special purchase for you.

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