Friday, March 13, 2009

Clove Oil and Red Couches

And not in that particular order either!

This morning my lovely apartment was invaded by a very large, very stiff, very dark red couch. I had seen this couch before in a showroom but she was very, very different. She was inviting, she was soft, she was just the right size for my living room and she was a lovely shade of burnt orange. But, like so many things, when she arrived at my door she was something completely different. I think I shall call her Carrie. The Carrie couch. (that is the store's picture of it....looks burnt orange to me!)

My cats noticed the change in the room immediately and began exploring it with reckless abandon. Pouncing on cushions, jumping off the back, hiding around it's corners, trying to see which one of them could squeeze underneath it first (Phoebe won paws down).

While this was going on I was trying to abate the lovely head cold I have landed myself with by taking some Clove Oil. I love this stuff, I worship at the clove plant's...well, roots. Two small drops of this stuff and my head has cleared up! And I've been a sniveling mess for days. It works every time, don't know why I didn't just take some at the first sign of trouble. I love essential oils, I would work with them more if it weren't for my cats. Cat's can't tolerate essential oils...they are toxic to them as their liver can't filter them. Poor things...doesn't stop me from using flower essences on them...nothing like a drop of Rescue Remedy behind the ears after a traumatic event. Purrrr!

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