Wednesday, March 25, 2009

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things, Part 2

While I'm still working hard, fighting the urge to buy everything I see, I wanted to share with you some more of my very favorite Etsy things that I have found. Feel free to check out these Etsians' shops too, because these are just a taste of what they offer! (and I'm not even being paid for this, haha)

Retro Victorian Garden Temari

I am so incredibly jealous of the amazing talent Julie has at creating gorgeous pieces of art out of nothing but a styrofoam ball, some batting and string!

This is one of my favorites but by no means the best Temari ball she sells, as each one is more incredible and intricate than the next. I would imagine there is one for everyone's taste in her shop.

Almond Joy Caramel Apple

Oh holy yumminess! I love Double and I hate her, love, hate, love, hate....Arg! Why does she tempt me so with her incredible eddibles? This one is virtually sinful!

Oh, how you haunt me! Not only does she have crazy amounts of candy apples, chocolate dipped cookies and flavored popcorn, but she's offering anyone who reads this blog 20% off the price of anything in her shop as long as you let her know you found her here on this blog! Don't you love her?

Higlark, the One-Eyed One-Horned Flying Purple People Eater

Who didn't rock out as a kid to the song "Purple People Eater"? Really. This cute little guy is one of the fabulous and quite unique creations of lizstaley, who not only makes adorable little plushies like this guy (currently on sale, by the way) but also funky and funny buttons, ACEOs, and original anime wallets!

Think Tribble but cuter. Way cuter!

Charmed. Suede Journal, Softcover
Is there anything better than a brand new journal or notebook and your favorite pen? Who needs diamonds, just give this girl a brand new, fresh notebook and pen and I'm happy! Hell, I'm addicted! I think that makes Kreativlink a pusher? An enabler?

It's 240 pages of pure creativity waiting to happen. Could work especially well for those out there who are practicing the craft and want a gorgeous notebook to write down your personal spells and concoctions. I know this seller goes on my holiday/birthday wishlist! If this one isn't your cup of herbal tea, just take a look at her dozens of other designs!

Paisley Earrings
I think these gorgeous earrings are watching me. Do you get that feeling? As someone with no real jewelry-making skills I am completely impressed, obscenely jealous, and really wishing I didn't love paisley so much. If you take a close look at these earrings in her store you'll see just how much time and effort goes into each of her creations.

These earrings are crocheted, from real gold thread and silk fibers, contain real pearls and vintage glass pearls, and is very reminiscent of India, peacocks, and makes me think of getting a henna tattoo on my hands to match. These earrings are just the tip of this shop's iceberg! Brooches, necklaces, bracelets, all made with the same care and amazing quality!

I know, I know, my tastes run the gambit, but that's why you love me. Right? Right? Hello? Don't forget to check out these amazing shops..oh, and my own of course! Perhaps these lovely shop owners would like to trade :) Fingers crossed!


  1. Thanks a lot for that lovely feature! I have to take a closer look on that Temaris ...

  2. I adore the journal! What wonderful work she does!