Tuesday, March 10, 2009

How I Met My Soul Mate

People ask me how I met my soul mate and I tell them, Match.com. No one seems to believe me! No, honest! I moved down to Maryland in January of 2006, about 3 months after she had, and I put up an ad on Match.com more to find some friends than anything else. I had used Match.com a thousand times before and never had luck, but I was trying something new. I put an ad out there, of my usual ilk...some likes, some dislikes, the typical ad...and got nothing. Finally, I realized that I would never find someone who could get me, even as just a friend, if that was the image I was portraying, so I got creative and came up with this:

"Enlightenment is not about becoming divine. Instead it's about becoming more fully human...It is the end of ignorance."

I'm a New Englander who just moved to Maryland. I lived in New England my whole life. Boston Globe on Sunday, fresh fried clams in Gloucester, Quincy Market and the Red Sox, apple orchards and the Salem witches, the whole New England Christmas scene..it was great! My people are book readers, liberals, and are blessed with the Bostonian's dry, sarcastic wit. I'm a tad unconventional but very easy to get along with. I have friends from every walk of life: comic book artists, psychotherapists, hair dressers, executive recruiters, teachers and even a few actors. Unfortunately, I have moved hundreds of miles away from all of them in search of a new career. I'm hoping to get to know people in the area, people I can hang out with and who can help me find all the best spots. Looking to go out dancing, light hiking, camping (modern conveniences a must), or even catching a movie or a great cup of coffee. Can't live without my jazz cd collection or my family.
I can't date anyone I'm not friends with first (though if sparks fly immediately I wouldn't hold off), a tad old-fashioned in that sense, so while I'm not specifically looking for "the one" I'm keeping my eyes and my mind open. I'm comfortable in my skin and am looking for someone similar. Confidence is very attractive to me as I don't want to spend my days trying to convince you that you are a great person. I'm an old-fashioned girl who loves to treat that special someone like gold and hopes for the same in return. I love cuddling, dancing, and the rest romance has to offer. Looking for someone who feels similar. I'm creative and love to stretch my mind, so new experiences and ideas are important to me. I'm looking for someone who feels the same, has a zest for life and has a good grasp on who they are and what they want.
I had no pictures to offer, yet within two days she winked at me and I winked back. We then took the plunge and both signed up for actual accounts so we could e-mail each other. We must have sent two or three VERY long e-mails before speaking on the phone and then spent 4-5 hours on the phone each time. I knew right away there was something special about her and the day we met we clicked.

So, I tell people that I met my true love on Match.com and its been three wonderful years now. I have my creative side to thank for that....my imagery of New England spoke to her..even though my love of the Red Sox and liberal nature did not endear me to the Yankee-loving republican. I try not to hold it against her, have to be open-minded after all.

The next time you think about putting an ad out there, or even putting yourself out there, just remember what you are showing the world. Giving your stats just makes you a number!

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