Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow, Snow Everywhere!

What a beautiful, frustrating morning! We got a little winter snow fall overnight and, of course, DC has practically shut down. We had about 5-6 inches where I live, about 4 inches where I work, so getting to work was a tad harrowing. My poor little Honda Fit, I don't quite trust it on the snow and really don't want to have 2 fender benders within the first year of having it. Not that I can't drive in the snow..I grew up in New England...I just know for a fact no one here in the DC Metro area knows how to drive in the snow...or the rain, or fog, or bright sunny day.

So this morning I woke up and watched the snow fall as I sipped my coffee and listened to the school delays. I don't have children yet but I just love hearing them read out loud and remember that anticipation and absolute giddiness when you hear your own school called.

So after an hour of coffee sipping and snow watching I showered, dressed, and trudged out to the bus stop across the street from my apartment. 30 minutes later and no bus in sight. I let a few more minutes go by and trudge back upstairs to dry off, use the ladies room, and check that the buses are running on their website. I get inside to discover that my office is opening late. Great, because I'm going to be REALLY late. I get dried off, run back downstairs, and get to the stop just in time to catch a bus. An hour and a half later I arrive at work so another piping hot cup of coffee with real cream. Mmmmmmm.

Tonight I have to work on another Past Life Reading. I really do love those, so much fun and very educational for me. Its very interesting to see how people take things from one life and bring them into another, the lessons they have learned, the problems they didn't face, the fears they didn't conquer, even the personality traits.

I think I'll also start thinking about, and maybe even putting together an outline for, a monthly newsletter about the metaphysical. My partner and I would really like to crew this year's 3-Day breast cancer walk but the minimum donation is in the $1k's and that's hard to come up with. Perhaps I'll ask for a donation of $15 for a year's worth of monthly newsletters. Would that be something you would be interested in? Each month would have information about a tarot card, that month's horoscope, some kind of metaphysical practice or book, or movie, or event going on. Then all the donations (minus the lovely fees from Etsy and PayPal) would go towards the crewing donation fees. Hmmm, I'll have to put the old thinking cap on for this one. I'll have to find the cap first. Yikes!

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