Thursday, February 26, 2009

To Bath Tea or Not To Bath Tea

I've been trying to think of things I can make for my Etsy store that will give me a lot of enjoyment and that people may enjoy. As a novice herbalist I am enthralled with the amazing powers of natural products, herbs, spices, etc. and would love to use them in so much more ways. One way I was contemplating was in teas and bath teas. My only concern was that it takes a good chunk of money to purchase the products as I'd want to purchase them in bulk to save money.

I know where I can find the product I'll need and at reasonable prices, but I see a lot of other sellers on Etsy and in looking at how much they are selling their products for I'm not sure it would be worth it financially. Also, in my creative fervor I would need to make the packaging as cute as possible, and to do that would take even more of an investment.

So I'm putting this question out to the two people who apparently read my blog (and neither is my mother as she'd have a heart-attack if she knew her daughter was giving tarot readings). Here goes...and feel free to leave comments!

Bath Tea: Using Dead Sea Salt and various organic and fair-trade herbs I will make incredibly healing and yummy smelling Bath Teas (Bath Salts). Included with the tea itself will be a reusable unbleached muslin bag with drawstring. The tea will come in a cute 4 oz. aluminum tin with a label on top relating the tea/salt to a vibrant classic painting, along with instructions on the bottom of the tin for use, storage, etc. The 4 oz. of tea/salt is enough to make 8 luxurious baths. The teas/salts will all be made with the purpose and ingredient base of healing various ailments from insomnia, eczema, headaches, infertility, depression, etc and would be very relaxing or invigorating depending on your need. Now, in order to sell this and make enough profit to pay for supplies to replace it and possibly half the supplies for a second, I would have to charge about $9. That would break down to a little more than $1 a bath.

Now the big this something that you would buy?


  1. I would be... except I do not have a bath. >.< As a concession to my husband's health care needs, we have a roll-in shower instead of a bathtub.

  2. Yes, I would, and give it as gifts. It sounds fantastic. (I just found your blog last night, so forgive the lateness of this reply).