Wednesday, February 18, 2009

All Hail My Honda Fit!

This summer we had the sad task of replacing my gas-guzzling tanker of a Dodge Intrepid. We decided that smaller is better, Honda's are good, and went out and bought a new 2008 Honda Fit. While the experience with the dealership was bad on a Titanic-scale (they actually were so inept that they endangered my partner's life and didn't give a damn) we have been loving the car quite a bit. We call her Lola.

Now, We've only had Lola since July and we've put about 4,000 miles on her. She's getting about 28-30 mpg by the way on a 10-gallon tank! So this morning we got quite the scare...a light went on in the dashboard in the shape of a yellow wrench. PANIC!!!!! So we looked it up in our handy-dandy manual and all it said was "oil 15%, A-1". Right, of course, doesn't everyone know what that means? NOPE! So I called our local dealership (we moved between buying the car and now so we are close to a different dealership), who is literally 1 block away, and the service man pleasantly informed me that this is the car's way of reminding us that our first oil change is due in about 500 miles. A reminder??? I have NEVER had a car that reminded me to do anything! I love LOLA!

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