Friday, February 20, 2009

Amazing Meditation Session Last Night

So last night I wanted to try out a new guided meditation that helps you meet your spirit guide. It's truly meant as an introduction and I had gotten it for my partner since she's been wanting to meet hers. I decided to see how good it was before having her try it. It was wonderful!

So, my main spirit guide, as some of you know, is Samantha. She is quite a wonderful, motherly woman with an incredible amount of patience. So she and I had a good 20 minute "conversation" which involved a lot of questions and answers. During the session I discovered that she and I had been together in a prior life, a life where we were Native Americans out in the mid-west. She was the tribe's medicine woman and I was studying under her to be a shaman. I was very impatient and wanted to have amazing skills just handed to me, I didn't want to work on them. She was, in that incarnation, Sitting Eagle. She made it clear that she chose to be my spirit guide in this life in order to continue the work I had started in that life. I was never able to perfect my skills because I always expected them to be better, to work faster, and didn't want to do the work. She said that this life I had to do the work.

I also asked her about the issues I have with my memory (which is that I have a horrible memory, for someone in their early 30s). She said that I've been holding onto the trauma from my past life, in which I was murdered and the killer basically bashed me in the head causing incredible trauma to my brain. She also told me that in that life I had been engaged to my current partner and that my partner became so distressed and depressed that she (at the time, he) got drunk and died in a car accident. When I told my partner this she began to cry immediately, suddenly things were making sense for us. This explained not only my poor memory but her hatred of all drugs and alcohol and her very over-protective nature towards me.

There was so much more involved in the meditation, but I left it feeling like life made so much more sense, that I had some work to do but now I had more direction. I also got on the train today and began to pick up so much information about people around me that I had to close my eyes and turn on my iPod. That has never happened before. What was interesting was that all I was picking up was what people were upset about. Very interesting...going to have to learn to shut that off in public places, was NOT fun.

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