Monday, February 23, 2009

Very Nice Weekend

Well, this weekend my partner and I were celebrating both our 3rd year together as well as Valentine's Day. We just finished out 21 day cleanse and wanted to celebrate with dinner at our favorite restaurant, The Little Fountain Cafe, and a lovely Kimpton Hotel, the Topaz Hotel. The night really was wonderful.

J had the duck which was large and infused with a smokey flavor. I had the stuffed quail and was a tad disappointed. The quail was quite tiny with very little meat. The salad and appetizers were lovely and we had our favorite wine, Zenato Pinot Grigio. We walked the mile there from our hotel and then walked the mile back.

The hotel was amazing! Filled with bright colors, dots and stripes, funky furniture and great ambiance! The bed was SOOOOO comfortable! What made the night, for J at least, was that they had "Twilight" on Pay-per-view. So we watched that and then our espresso drinks from desert hit us and we were up until 3am. Got home at 9am and I was passed out for a glorious nap by 2:00pm. It was one of those "dead to the world" sleeps where nothing aside from a bomb exploding in the room would wake you.

On Sunday I was able to finish up my latest Etsy venture, a crocheted tarot card/rune pocket. It turned out very cute and I love the button. I'm hoping my camera starts working better as it didn't really want to focus much. I put it online, so wish me luck! I started another one last night as well, made it a little different and will probably finish it up this week. I want to get at least one piece of jewelry up this week as well. I don't like the fact that all I'm offering on the site is readings, that wasn't my intention.

Well, take a look at some of the pics of the new pocket!

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