Monday, August 31, 2009

Weekly Etsy Favorite

Ok, is this gorgeous or is it just me? I love these colors, it reminds me of deep autumn in New England. The yarn looks incredibly cozy, and the design is so fun! Is it a scarf or shawl? Who cares?! So beautiful its mesmerizing. So is Ellita's other items, but this is a favorite.

This capelet from their new fall/winter collection. As you see, the collar is getting taller, as the bottom part covering chest and shoulders is getting lower, to assure warmth and comfort for the upcoming cold days and nights. It could be worn as an accessory to your turtleneck, or as an extra layer over your light fall jacket. You could also wear it snugly around your bare neck and shoulders, as it is made from 100% soft wool, which is hypoallergic and will not irritate your skin.

If you want to spend some time playing with different cozy ideas, or are looking for some fabulous holiday presents I would highly recommend you take a look here.

Ellita's Shop

Friday, August 28, 2009

Weekend Plans and Really Awesome Test Tubes!

I'll try to take pictures of them this weekend once they are put together, but I have this really great set of Test-tube-like spice containers that sit in this holder. They are really great and we had planned to use them, a year ago, as spice containers but then went to Ikea and got addicted to spice tins instead. These poor glass Spice-tubes have been sitting around and I finally figured out what I'm going to do with them! Use them as a container for a Bath Salt gift! 1 bath salt in each of the 6 tubes! Now to create 2 more bath salts, which shouldn't take long :)

One of my coworkers has also started going through these new mints that come in fun little plastic test-tubes and he's giving them to me, so voila! Bath Salt Samplers. I only have 2 right now, but give it time...he's addicted to those babies!
Just ordered new jars and a host of bath bomb making substances. Can't wait for them to get here, feels like Christmas! Won't be able to work with them until next weekend though. A lesson in patience.
Oh, in fabulous and completely personal Father-in-law-to-be has offered to pay for our wedding caterer! A serious chunk that we now don't have to fret over. Now we can continue to pay down debts and put $$ into savings for our future abode. Yays! I can't even begin to tell you how happy and relieved that makes me!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Weekly Featured Etsy Product

I've decided to cut down the amount of Etsy features I was doing as they took almost a week to complete and were very hard to put together in the way I had from now on I am choosing one or two products that I think are just great and featuring them each week.

My first choice is a funky steampunk hat I saw that grabbed my eye immediately!

This fantastic mini is very steampunk! More elaborate and intricate than their others, this one has lots of eye candy on it. They started with a brown brocade fabric, added a heavy ribbon hat band and vines, flowers and a clock button in the back. The overlay on the side is a wonderful vintage veiling in brown.

I have to admit that I've been thinking of possible costumes I could put together so I could buy this hat....and I will continue to do so until I have succeeded! I don't know about you but there is something slightly Alice in Wonderland about this hat....maybe when the movie comes out I'll have a reason to buy it...Mad Hatter a'la Johnny Depp?

This fabulous mini top hat is made by GypsyLadyHats and in her store you will find so many amazing hats that you won't know where to start drooling first. Corset hats, velvet hats, goth hats, military hats, hats with it!

Friday, August 21, 2009

I'm in a Treasury and a Blog Feature!

Check it out! People think I'm cool, people think I'm chic....ok, tooting my own horn just a little.

A very awesome treasury of relaxing things.....mmmmmm and she included my Anxie-Tea!

A few Etsy Allergy items...and she spotlighted my Eye Poultices. Woohoo!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

And The Winner Is.........

I want to thank everyone for coming to my blog and taking a look around! 69 Followers is nothing to sniff at. I just hope I can give you all enough reason to come back and check out my blog after this is all over.

I am happy to announce that this morning I pulled a number from a hat and the selected Blog Follower was:

Ponder & Stictch

Congrats!!! Please convo me through Etsy with your name and address and I shall be putting together your Bag O Swag this weekend!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Ok kids! I have never done this before but I'm having a tea sale! This weekend, starting Friday night, I will be offering all my teas (premade, not the samplers) for Buy 2 Teas and Get 1 Free!

So mix and match, get a Detox Tea for the holidays and a Happy Tummy tea for Aunt Mae and get your coworker Noggin Number for Free! Buy your friend struggling through chemo two bags of Tea-Mo-Therapy tea and get yourself Miracle Elixir to get through the winter months healthier than ever.

But, this is a weekend deal only, Friday night through Monday morning. Simply purchase the items in the shop and don't pay. I'll invoice you for the correct amount. All my teas are made by hand and are made fresh to order! If I've had it sitting for more than a week it goes into my new "Overstock" section. The teas can last up to a year and still be fresh, and once you see experience how delicious they are and how effective you'll be coming back for refills!

This sale is going on in both my Etsy and Artfire shops, so take your pick!

Why am I having a tea sale you ask? Well, to be honest its because I want more herbs and supplies! I have dozens of new items rattling around in my head and want to make some large orders but can't until I have made some more sales! So tell all your friends about my sale and you'll be seeing lots more delicious teas, invigorating bath salts, yummy lotions, and healing oils listed in my shop before you know it!

Monday, August 17, 2009

From The Cave

Well folks, I spent a lot of time creating this weekend and got some really great inspiration from a trip to Wegmans (a giant and incredible grocery store). Am I the only person who gets inspiration from grocery stores??

Well, this weekend I made a new bath tea and three new herbal teas! Once my new herbs arrive I will also begin infusing some new oils for future creams and lotions. I got a request from a fan of my Facebook to make some foot soaking salts as well, so those are rattling about in my brain as well.

Take a moment to check out my new products!

I'm still working on my packaging which is not coming along smoothly at all. I got some really great designs and logos from a fellow Etsy seller but none of them are large enough to use on my packaging and my lovely new sticker/laminator machine is hard to master. So, hopefully she can create a couple of label options for me this week and I will have my new packaging ready by the SWAG BAG giveaway :) Can't wait to see who wins!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

This Weekend, in My Cave

This weekend I have a lot of work ahead of me as I embark on some new tea and herbal items. Not only will I be making the Bath Salt, Cleansing and Anxiety teas, as I said I would this week and have had NO time to do it, but I will also be trying to create a new tea for a fellow Etsy seller who is in need of herbal assistance AND a tea combination for those suffering from Diverticulitis.

And that's not all! Channeling Billy Mayes here....

I will also be starting some herbal infused oils as well. This means more creams down the road, massage lotions, etc! Yippee!

So, I'm putting out there a request for new ideas! What kinds of teas or herbal body products would you love to see me offer? (no pressure to buy, just looking for some great suggestions)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

It's Been A Week??

Well, let me apologize, I had no idea that it had been a week since I posted last. That never happens! Things have been so busy for me that it has slipped my mind completely!

This weekend went well, trip to Massachusetts and New Hampshire went as well as could be expected and I got to see some friends I haven't seen in a couple years. My sister's wedding went well...I've never been to one where there were aligators, bunnies, turtles, and dogs roaming around. The keg stands were a new twist. Makes me think that my wedding plans are a tad tame.....yeah, thats ok. Oh, speaking of my wedding, we bought THE DRESS. Not the one originally planned either. In an effort to please my frazzled mother we went to try on dresses at a local David's bridal and the first three were nice but nothing special. I was beginning to think that I really wasn't a bridal gown kind of girl, until the fourth gown. Tried that baby on and the mom started crying, I was speechless, my hunny was very well impressed, and the 360 degree mirror made me fall in love.

So, this week is all about trying to catch up on orders, get some readings written out, get some teas and herbs out the door, and try to make it until Friday.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Just Found a Couple GREAT Resources!

So, I've been struggling, as I am sure many of you have, to build a legitimate business here. I'm sticking receipts here and there around my office, I'm creating spreadsheets to track things and getting lost and giving up....and then I found a really fabulous resource on Etsy for many different aspects of not only working with Etsy but running a business! Here it is!

What it is, in a nutshell, is a listing of various Etsy sellers who are either very good in particular areas or are experts in particular areas and have agreed to help out fellow Etsians with their questions. The subjects range from Adobe Photoshop to tags, from bookkeeping and gemstones, and everything in between! I know I'll be taking advantage of some of these.

Also, if you have ever had a question about shipping, shipping internationally, customs, etc, this is the forum for you! I haven't had a chance to dissect it all but there is enough good information and links in here about how to ship anything to anywhere that its worth looking at if just for the links!
Good luck!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Mini-Vacation, Upcoming Products, And Announcements

As many of you know I will be leaving the area on Thursday morning and returning Sunday morning. I am traveling to Massachusetts to attend my little sister's wedding and secure some of my own wedding items for next May. During this time I will NOT be closing down shop but I may not be able to check it as often as I'd like. Please note that I will attack any purchases the moment I get home and finish crashing.

Some fun products I have just finished researching and will be attempting this week, for hopeful posting by Wednesday night:


A great new herbal tea made of some, what else, organic herbs that help reduce tension and stress in the body! I'm going a little light on the Valerian root since I don't want you all falling asleep. hahaha

Cleanse-Happy Tea

Another great tea that protects, cleans out, and otherwise makes your little liver very, very happy! Not bad to have around after a few months of binging or alcohol consumption, etc. Hmmm, better get this baby out before the holidays .

Breath Easy Herbal Bath Salt
Along with Pink Himilayan Salt and Epsom salt I'll be combining some great aromatic herbs and essential oils (only 100% therapeutic grade, of course) for a bath designed to help stimulate the lungs and airways. Perfect for those who suffer from fall allergies or tend to get those nasty bronchial bugs each year.

Also, big announcement, I have decided it is time to break up my shop a bit. While I love my tarot readings and will continue to do them I will be segregating the little buggers to another shop of mine which I opened years ago as a Buyer shop and had grand intentions of using some day. I will let you all know when I do this but expect to see my listings deminish as I move the spiritual store out of TheOmIntention and into BohemianChick.

New Herbal Products for Sale, Just Posted!

I spent most of the weekend rearranging our apartment so that my blossoming herbal store will have its own space. Now, firmly secure in its own, temperature controlled environment I finally have my little home office and was able to pounch out a couple new products and begin trials on one new one.

So, I am pleased to introduce my two new herbal products, "Oh, I See" Eye Poultices for strained and itchy eyes (simply add water, lay on the affected eye and let the organic herbs go to work!)

Get 8 tea bags, just add water, for $5.00 plus shipping

These poultices are made of Eyebright, Jasmine, Grapeseed and Raspberry Leaf. All are 100% organic and natural. You could probably even drink this, though I can't recommend it since I haven't tried it yet.

Also, and not to be outdone, is my Rest For The Weary organic Bath Salts. Instead of just organic herbs I added a few drops of Frankincense Essential Oil to the mix (100% Therapeutic Grade, of course) for additional relaxation.
Get 5 very large tea bags of this Bath Salt mix for only $9.50
This Bath Salt is made with Epsom Salt, Dead Sea Salt, Passionflower, Chamomile, Lavender, Rosemary, and of course the Frankincense Essential Oil. No artificial smells or colors in my Bath Salts, no way! This is all natural, handmade, hand-packaged stuff my friends and oh, it smells so lovely!
Also, coming down the road will be my new Dead Sea Mud Mask. I've added in some new Essential Oils that are known to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and promote skin regeneration. So, after a few weeks of trials (myself and my partner as the guinea pigs, of course) we will be posting it for the rest of you! Stay tuned!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Blog Giveaway!!!!

That's right kids, I'm giving stuff away!

I am going to randomly choose one of the followers on my blog on August 20th and they will receive a mini gift package. In that gift package will include a 1 ounce tin of my new Chocolate Covered Cherry Cream, a 2 ounce jar of one of my new Dead Sea Mud Masks, a few samples of my tea, a bag of bath salts, and a gift certificate for a free tarot reading!

Thats right, but you have to be a blog follower! So, go ahead and join, get your friends to join and split the loot! Spread the word, the random selection will be done (by the method of names in a hat) on August 20th at 9pm and the notice of the winner will follow!