Monday, August 3, 2009

Mini-Vacation, Upcoming Products, And Announcements

As many of you know I will be leaving the area on Thursday morning and returning Sunday morning. I am traveling to Massachusetts to attend my little sister's wedding and secure some of my own wedding items for next May. During this time I will NOT be closing down shop but I may not be able to check it as often as I'd like. Please note that I will attack any purchases the moment I get home and finish crashing.

Some fun products I have just finished researching and will be attempting this week, for hopeful posting by Wednesday night:


A great new herbal tea made of some, what else, organic herbs that help reduce tension and stress in the body! I'm going a little light on the Valerian root since I don't want you all falling asleep. hahaha

Cleanse-Happy Tea

Another great tea that protects, cleans out, and otherwise makes your little liver very, very happy! Not bad to have around after a few months of binging or alcohol consumption, etc. Hmmm, better get this baby out before the holidays .

Breath Easy Herbal Bath Salt
Along with Pink Himilayan Salt and Epsom salt I'll be combining some great aromatic herbs and essential oils (only 100% therapeutic grade, of course) for a bath designed to help stimulate the lungs and airways. Perfect for those who suffer from fall allergies or tend to get those nasty bronchial bugs each year.

Also, big announcement, I have decided it is time to break up my shop a bit. While I love my tarot readings and will continue to do them I will be segregating the little buggers to another shop of mine which I opened years ago as a Buyer shop and had grand intentions of using some day. I will let you all know when I do this but expect to see my listings deminish as I move the spiritual store out of TheOmIntention and into BohemianChick.

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