Tuesday, March 17, 2009


They are on their way! Woohoo!

So, I didn't wait like I had planned in order to buy some supplies for my next set of products. I just couldn't. So I decided to start small and work my way up, depending on how well they sell. Not a bad idea in and of itself, right? If they don't sell then I've only spent half what I would have. If they sell I'll have enough to buy more supplies! So I've decided to move forward with my bath teas but I think, considering how few people actually take baths these days, to market them as foot bath teas (and if someone wants to use them in a bath more power to them). After all, there are two lesser known Chakras in the sole of each foot.

What I'll be making is a foot bath tea using Dead Sea Salt (which is amazingly nutritive and soothing) and organic herbs specifically blended to help heal and balance certain Chakras. I also plan to start working on creating some teas that do the same...the trick is getting the teas to taste good even with all those herbs in them. The tea could work miracles but if it doesn't taste good no one will drink it.

I've also wanted to start working more with essential oils but as I have cats who get into everything I may not be able to. Essential oils are toxic to cats as they can't process it in their liver, even just smelling it is toxic...so I try to keep them as far away from my oils as possible. I can't NOT use EOs, they are just too wonderful, so I have to be incredibly careful. I wish I had a separate space from my cats where I could mix them...perhaps once I reach my goal and have my own office.

Oh, I have a request for all of you who read this blog. Please pray for me as I have been having real trouble meditating lately. I used to be able to meditate and really focus, but lately when I meditate I fall asleep! That's fine when I meditate to relax, but when I meditate to contact my guides and try to talk to spirits about readings or people's troubles, it is not helpful in the least! It doesn't seem to be affecting my readings any, as I pray for quite some time before doing each reading, but it's getting a little annoying. I could use a little help, and apparently more sleep.

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