Monday, March 9, 2009

Unproductive Weekend

I meant to get so much done this weekend. I took Friday off for my Reiki attunement and then the rest of the weekend I meant to make some nice jewelry for my site, however I came upon an impasse. Turns out I have no talent at making jewelry, which is a shame because I have a gigantic amount of beads. I tried a million variations and just could not find anything that would work and look good. URG!

Well, I suppose I can't be good at everything. So we spent the weekend enjoying the warmth, cleaning house, and getting some outdoor furniture for our new balcony. It was great sipping wine and watching the stars come out. The cats were not happy though...Mommas outside and they can't get out. Oh well.

This week I am alone and on the loose. Knowing me I'll probably crash at 9pm. I did want to exercise, that was the plan, but we shall see. I'll be driving and when I drive home it takes me about an hour and a half to get there. Keep those fingers crossed for me!

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