Friday, April 24, 2009

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things, Part 4

It is Friday and time again for my list of favorites on Etsy! Woohoo! This week's list is really great and I'm very excited to share them with you. Not that my past one's haven't been great, they all have been, but I just keep getting excited about all these new and wonderful things I keep finding. ha ha ha

Ok, so crankbunny just is fabulous! What paper can turn into in her hands is remarkable. This pop-up flower card reminds me of a lotus blossom, how about you? If white isn't your thing she has something similar on a vibrant red which is gorgeous!

Pop up cards, secret decoder cards (they are so great I might have to feature them another week!) and puppets, she has some amazing talent! You MUST take a look at her shop!

How great is this vanity? It's luggage, no, it's a vanity, no it's fabulous! Hang it on your bedroom wall for fun and for conversation. Hey, is that luggage on your wall? No, crazy! That's my vanity cabinet from Vanitycase! While you might want all the fun bits inside you'll have to settle for the lights, the mirror, and the map and fill it with your own personal odds and ends.

Not only does Vanitycase do, well, vanity cases but they also do a similar styled liquor cabinet!

What a great use for old records! BBBenny&TheJets does some amazing stuff with old vinyl. This lovely is called "Spring Weddings and Dandelion Fluff" They also have some really lovely and funky jewelry too.

Very nice manadala painting, very detailed. Trying to think if there's a way to incorporate it into my own spring wedding.

Oh BKMHattitude, how I love your hats! This one, called Janie, is a favorite. It's a very useful cloche hat too. Think of how many things you can wear it with! Black and white are so versatile! I might have to have one made for my wedding, something special, something very "Jane Austen/English Countryside"

This one is definitely one of my favorites, but you should see "Enchanted", or "QT" or "French Provincial" or "Rose." Oh, just go look at all of them!

What is it you ask? It's is an incredibly unique dress form! It's life-sized, handmade, body form made out of patterned paper. While my picture does not quite do it justice I could definitely see it as a centerpiece for many Etsy shots, Necklaces, shawls, scarves, etc! BettyandMaryJane have some really great ideas!

They've only made one sale on their Etsy shop, so it might be time to show some support, stop by, and take a look at the rest of their fun dress forms as well as their other crafts! It's also very reasonably priced, if you can believe it! I can only imagine how much work must have gone into making that.

Well, that sums of these past two weeks of my spending WAY too much time on Etsy, as usual. While these are never the only great products I find, they are a decent sampling. Stay tuned for more!

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