Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Weddings, Barns, and Caterers. Oh My!

So the date is set, the venue is set, now to find an "approved" caterer. That's right, next summer I will be getting married. No chapel or church wedding for us, though, we're doing it rustic. A historical barn in the middle of an orchard. So pretty! Also very fortuitous as it's going to be held on Beltane. We won't be able to have a bonfire but we will incorporate a little hand fasting in the ceremony. Neither of us are true Pagans but we do enjoy some of the older traditions (her-Italian, mine-Irish).

So now the trick is to find a caterer. Because the barn is a historical site they have a "list" but won't send it to me. They keep teasing me with "tell us what kind of food you want and we'll tell you which caterers we approve can do it." So what do I do? I go the back route. I searched the Internet for caterers that specifically had worked that venue before. After all, if they had done a wedding there before why couldn't they do a wedding there now?

Ok, now I need all of your opinions on this. We are torn...clambake or brunch. Here's the thing:

We love both ideas equally.

If we do a brunch people would have to arrive the Friday night before but would then have the rest of the afternoon to visit the area, drive home, spend time with family, etc. With a brunch we'd also be able to fly out that night for our honeymoon. With a brunch we'd also save a lot of money and not have to worry about a bar (we have friends and family who are alcoholics). It would also keep most of the weekend free for people. (also kids wouldn't be as cranky as they can get at a night-time wedding)

If we were to do a clambake it would be in the early evening and people would have to stay Saturday night. It would leave less time for people to socialize later on, but everyone is really excited about the possibility of having a traditional New England clambake. Doing it later means we'll probably have more people dancing (which is important) and the twinkle-lights in the barn would have more of an effect. Because of the novelty of the event we'd probably get more of our friends to make the long haul for it. Doing it later also means that we'd have to stay the night and go to the honeymoon the next morning or leave really late and get in even later. But we'd also have the opportunity to have a few people over my parent's house for a small post-wedding get together and bonfire which would be super fun! Give others a chance to come and visit who couldn't make it to the wedding but live in the area.

Alright people, I need opinions and thoughts and I need them soon! Help!!!!


  1. I've read over the pros and cons, and it looks like the one that has more going for it is the clambake. The only two real cons I saw with it are the expense, and the bar. You could probably get along without the bar, though, and as for the expense... well, it's a reception. You want it to be memorable, and I think the clambake is just the ticket for that, especially with the barn lights and whatnot. :)

  2. What a lovely venue! I went to a wedding a few years back in British Columbia on a ranch (they got married in the field with all the horses, and had the shin-dig in the barn!). It was awesome.

    After reading your post, it seems that both have some real great positives, and some negative. However, I would say go with a daytime wedding.

    I say this because if you want to have the 'full benefit' of the timing, it would be best to do it under the sun.

    Just my two pennies.

  3. Decisions, decisions! We went over it all again this weekend and at the ends of the day we found a lot more pros for doing the brunch, plus the added benefit of being able to relax afterwards and unwind before we take off on the honeymoon. Now to start planning things. Urg!