Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Elixirs in the Making

No, for those who know that I've been down and out with a fever these last couple of days, I have not been making anything while sick. I would never want to infuse whatever it is that causes this in anything I make so I've stayed far away from my herbs and yarn. I have, however been reposting things, making things I have already available in different forms, etc. I have, however, been downing my Knock Out Punch tea and sleeping through the night despite my typical sleepless fever. (have you ever sweated from your ankles? its not fun.)

One thing I did do over the past couple of weeks was make a few elixirs that I'm getting very excited about. I don't want to give it all away but one is for...well....allowing our male counterparts to stay "engaged" through acts of amore. I'm calling it "Got Wood?" I'm also making one to help with hangovers called "Hair of the Dog." I made them on May 30th so they won't be ready for another 20 days, but I'm getting very excited to see the reaction.

This weekend I'll be helping out at the local nonprofit healing center that my aunt and her partner work at, so I'm sure I'll be all enthused and creative when I get home from that.

I hope I have time this weekend to make some bath salts. I got some fabulous Dead Sea Salt, Himilayan Pink Salt and Epsom Salt, and want to play!

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