Thursday, June 25, 2009

Independence Day Donation!!

I know what you are thinking, "donation?"

In honor of Independence Day here in the states, for 24 hours I will be donating 50% of the price of every tarot reading sold to my favorite childhood cancer charity, CandleLighters. Not only will a huge portion be given to charity, but I will be offering FREE SHIPPING (within the US) for any tea or herbal product!

For those that aren't familiar, Candlelighters is a wonderful charitable organization that focuses on children battling cancer. While I was not a child when I went through my own cancer scare (remind me to show you the scar some day), I can see what kind of an affect it had on friends of ours. Their sweet daughter was diagnosed with cancer very young and they struggled to keep their family afloat through the treatments, the loss of employment, and the almost-loss of their home. What was stopping them from getting their daughter the treatment that would save her was $$$. Their insurance wouldn't pay for experimental treatments. Gotta love that insurance! So now they struggle, deep in debt, to rebuild their family day by day. It is their constant struggle and their love that inspires me to earmark all my donations for the financial support of families who are battling their own wars with cancer.

So, starting at 12am Saturday morning, July 4th, until 11:59pm I will be donating 50% of each purchase of a tarot reading to Candlelighters.

So, buy a Celtic Cross Reading and $11 will be given to charity, buy a Career Circle Reading and $10 will be given to charity, buy a Past Life reading for you and two for your friends and $37.50 will be given to see where I'm going with this?

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