Monday, June 22, 2009

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things, Part...Whatever

I love the shops on Etsy, some even more than my own. The creativity I find there is always amazing, beautiful, and typically evokes a little pang of jealousy and a lot of "Hey, I could do that...maybe." This is my semi-frequent attempt to show off a few of my favorite items. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Steampunk seems to be the new big thing, and has been for a while. I have to say that I get it. It's new, it's old fashioned, it can be elegant, gothic, punk, young or old. Of all the shops on Etsy that I've seen creating Steampunk pieces, I have to say that Velvet Mechanism really stands out. This piece particular, Black Cord Silver Filigree and Watch Steampunk Necklace is just gorgeous.
It could be part of a costume, a great conversation piece, or even every day wear. Very artfully done. Very nice!

In turning my attention to things I can't eat but REALLY want to, is this lovely, decadent, gorgeous chocolate torte by FancyThatCookies
Rich Chocolate Chip Torte is not only a lovely piece of work by Fancy, edible (thank god!), but it is also Gluten Free and flourless! I wonder where this was when I was on my gluten-free kick?
This isn't the only fabulous creation by Fancy...they have cookies and cakes, and my personal favorites, macaroons and snickerdoodles!

I'm a huge fan of handmade helpers, and these are such a great color! I'm also a huge fan of 2Kute and her growing collection of crocheted hats, dishtowels, scrubbies, flowers, etc. DISHCLOTH - LIFESAVER - set of 2 are so happy and cheery that you can almost taste the lifesaver flavor!
The craftmanship is great, the prices are amazing, you just have to take a look!

So I'm a sucker for big, funky, unique pieces of jewelry, and when i spotted this piece during an Etsy chat I just had to feature it. dogzillalives has some really beautiful pieces, but my favorite it this Blue Tiger's Eye wire wrapped bracelet. Wire wrapped blue tigers eye cuff is gorgeous, funky, and one of a kind. Not to mention that Tiger's Eye is a wonderful stone for healing, protection, and communication. It's also reasonably priced, like everything in dogzillalives' shop!

So that ends it for this edition. I'm hoping the reduced amount of featured items helps keep the posting from going haywire like it has in the past when I feature more items. Perhaps 4 is my new lucky number.


  1. Again, great choices. It's so nice to come here and see your ever growing collection of fave items.
    And now I am part of such collection, and it's an honor. Thanks.

  2. thank you for adding my torte in the blog