Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Eagle (or rather the herbs) Has Landed

The day herbs arrive is like Christmas for me! Today Mike, the UPS guy, arrived with a small brown box with my name on it. Inside were a few containers of some of the loveliest organic herbs I've seen. Astralagus, Rosemary, Barley Grass...woohoo!!!

So, now that the herbs have arrived I can finally begin my adventure with my new teas, Tea-Mo-Therapy! Of course, before I even open one container I'll be giving HowlingCaterpillar her Chakra Reading as promised. I would have last night but I was in DirectTV Customer Service Hell. (we've now been upgraded from customer service reps who won't call us back to a case manager who won't call us back) What I put up with for my weekly Bones and House.

So, this weekend will be lots of playing with herbs, and I will come out the other end (fate and karma willing) with three new teas, a few bath teas, and some sales. Fingers crossed!

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