Thursday, May 7, 2009

Working for the Weekend

Yay! I know it's only Thursday but that means the weekend is almost here. While I am slightly saddened that my honey will be leaving Saturday morning for a week in Tokyo, I am happy to have the place to myself so I can lock myself in my little herb dungeon and mix some fun stuff! The only down side is that she is taking our digital camera with her. Ack! Luckily I have a photographer friend who has about a dozen different cameras and I might be able to convince him to lend me his. Fingers crossed!!

So, things I will be working on this weekend:

- 3 new herbal teas (man, that rooibos tea I got is phenominal!)

- 3 new herbal bath teas (I get to try them out! woohoo!)

- 1 or two new tarot card readings

- 1 prayer shawl which may be done by next weekend

- Creating my brand, logo, and trying to get my printer to work right, urg!

In fact, I have a little cash in my PayPal account so I may make another purchase or five. Stop me, I'm mad about herbs!

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