Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Favorite Places on the Web

Other than Etsy, my e-mail accounts, and the occasional meander over to, I have a few places I like to go and play when I have some down-time. Most are craft-sites, many are sites for herbs and oils, and a few are shops where I like to get ideas...whether I have time to work on them is another matter entirely!

Here are some of my favorite sites!

I really enjoy looking through Rishi Tea's web-site. It's nice to see companies that are really built around fair-trade, organic, and sustainable products. They have such unique products, such lovely teas, that it makes me want a whole room I can dedicate to it.

I'm a big-time cross-stitcher and I love looking at the amazing patterns that you can create at Scarlet's site. Lucky for my I got a gift certificate from the site for Christmas one year and have already spent it. Now, have I actually had any time to make any of the designs I bought? Hell no!

But I know one day, maybe when I no longer work...ah to dream!

The European Cross Stitch Company is another one of those craft sites that makes my mouth water. The amazingly complex designs, the mandalas, the traditional European looks. Of course, even working on something like that for a few hours a day it would take me years to complete it. What do you charge for something like that? $700, $1,000?

This place is the mecca of all things crafty and cheap...expense-wise, not quality-wise. Where else can you find decorative bird-cages, LED battery operated candles, flower arrangement supplies, beads, ribbon, glassware, sheppard hooks, paper lanterns, and immensley more in one place for really reasonable prices? No, really, I want to know. If you know of a place please share it!

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