Friday, May 15, 2009

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things, Part 5

There are so many wonderful things on Etsy that so rarely get seen or featured, I figured it was high time I did something about it, so I created my own little Featured section and I plan to have one at least every other Friday if not every Friday. So I might be knocking on your Etsy door some day, looking to feature one of your items! Don't be surprised.....

AvalonAdornments is not only one of my fellow EAST Team members, but she's a pretty fabulous person. Even putting that aside she's very talented at making lovely jewelry. This is only one of her many examples, the Siren Of The Sea necklace, with pearls, black lip mussel, shell charms and more, this necklace is just beautiful. It's also on sale as she moves her studio (the less you pack the better, I totally agree!) So take a look at her shop, chock full of gorgeous pieces!

I hate needles, and despite that I do have a tattoo. Not wanting to deal with more needles to get something pretty etched onto my person, I stumbled upon these fabulous tights, or rather thigh-high stockings, from Post. Lovely, feminine, and not quite as permanent, these sexy White Tattoo Socks are a great alternative!

If these aren't your style Post has other options for you!

Even if Greenfingers wasn't another fellow EAST Team member I'd still adore her for her creativity, her leadership, and her kind heart. I'd also love to get this beautiful, handknitted love charm for being so generous with my praise, hint hint. j/k. The Path of Desire Knitted Heart Love Charm is actually a collaboration with a fellow artist and Greenfingers by hand-knitting, embroidering, beading and filling with a small bag of herbs. She has quite the collection, so if orange isn't your thing you could try any number of other heart love charms!

I can crochet fairly well. I'm not overly creative with it, so when I saw StudioKarma's collection of intricately crocheted necklaces I was blown away. They are stunning, precise, and such lovely colors! I can only imagine how many hours she puts into each beautiful piece.
If I'm ever in Turkey I am absolutely stopping by to watch you work hun!
So, that's it for Part 5 of my favorites. I love suggestions, so if you have spotted something that you are dying to share, send me a link and let me know and maybe I can feature it in a future blog post. Who says Etsy gets to have all the fun? I personally think that everyone should have their own Etsy Favorites listed on their blogs. Don't you?

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