Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Finally Back!

Back from the land of Swine Flu, aka New York. Met the entire group of in-laws in one fell swoop. Whew! They are all very nice, very Italian, very stereotypical, but nice.

We also saw the musical Mary Poppins. It was very nice. I grew up on the Disney movie so it was a little different, but still nice. The dancing was great, singing was great, the acting was great...the kids were ok. Not too shabby, but when all is said and done no one can do it better than Julie Andrews in my opinion.

The ride home was nasty, rainy, cold, dark, and we didn't get home until very late. Our cat sitter forgot to come that day completely so our poor kitties were almost knocking down the door. I was glad we forgot to get the sitter a present from NYC like we had planned.

Now to catch up on everything else. My honey is going away this weekend to Japan and is miserable about it. The only good thing is that it means I have the place to myself and can shut myself away and meditate, do readings, make teas, take a bath...oh, maybe make some bath teas! Hmmmmm.

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