Wednesday, July 8, 2009

10 Fabulous Things Under $20 on Etsy!!!

There is so much to love on Etsy I just don't know where to begin. The art, the sculpture, the geek-accessories...and some are quite the investment. Not these incredible pieces! All 10 under $20 each! Not a bad deal, not bad at all, and at those prices they may not hang around long. This edition of my favorite things is all about my fellow EarthPath Etsian team members (aka EAST Team).

Figments is a big chatter and a great friend to all the EAST team members, I think it is safe to say. She's also a talented jewelry designer, as you can see by these "Swirling Colors" earrings.

Silver colored Tierra Cast pewter spiral goddess charms hangling below the colors of the Chakras, one is inspired to get balanced and connected with oneself. Lovely and inspiring at only $15.

If there isn't a saying "good ACEOs are hard to find" yet then there should be. And this would be among them! Cobaltquilter has an amazing assortment of beautiful quilts, postcards, art clothes, that you could spend hours browsing through her shop.

This ACEO Gypsy Rose Moon Goddess is gorgeous, and only $10! Handmade and one of only 12 in a series, it's worth gobbling up quickly!

If you are ever looking to spend some time in a world with faeries and magic, you may find yourself browsing Merigreeleaf's shop. She sells everything from knitted plushies to necklaces to runes, to chainmale.

The Underwater Wyvern: Slightly Sylphs is a great represenation of this. Crocheted out of hemp with beads and charms of various shades of blue, and two lovely pewter faeries, it's amazing that it is only $18!

I get tired of throwing on the typical studs and dangles that adorn my ears from time to time, and CelticCrossings Ear Swirls are just the thing to break up the monotony!

This lovely Ear Swirl in Sterling Silver with Swarovski Crystals is only $12.50! It swirls up your ear and is over an inch in length. Its a sparkly piece of bling that you have to add to your collection!

Want to create your own talisman? Want prosperity or protection, love or courage? Well, you will find this lovely offering at Greenfingers, along with dozens of other lovely charms, readings, smudge sticks, you name it!
Each charm is different, and each talisman is a charm, hehe, and for $20 it's well worth it! Each Custom Charm/talisman/amulet will be unique and handmade with whichever items you want from her list. It's worth investigating.

Plushies and ACEOs like in a Geek's heaven! Oh, I'm speaking of Lizstaley's shop of course. Whether it's a One-Eyed Purple People Eater or a Dr. Who plushie keychain, this girl's store is one of a kind!
This little green beauty is the ever-popular PayPal Faery! That's right! Even is the monetary PPF doesn't visit your store as often as you'd like her to, this one can visit with you all you like, and for $18 she certainly is a bargain!

Nothing says summer like a Backyard Barbeque, and nothing says barbeque like HowlingCaterpillars' 5-inch diameter Dream Web. From the tip of isn't longest feather to the top of it's hanging loop, this original piece is 17 inches long and only $15!

How much summer can you spot? Watermelons, baseball, rootbeer! Mmmm, I can almost smell the suntan lotion.

TiedUpAndTwisted is not only a lovely individual but a very talented jewelry crafter!

Tied's "You Are The Sea" sea green rutilated quartz and oxidized silver earrings are stunners, don't you think? Summery, sweet, simple...they could be worn with jeans, with dresses, and everything in between. So pretty, and only $18!

Not to be outdone by Tied's success, her other fabulous shop, Charmedbyskye, has some additionally lovely pieces. "Northern Lights", a vintage reconstructed earring set is lovely, funky, and I love the pictures! At $20 they are a fun, vintage addition to your collection!


  1. Awesome post, Om!
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  2. This is such a great idea! Thanks for including me!

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  4. what a great assortment! i am very partial to anything Meri makes, though ;D

  5. Thank you for including my work! I appreciate the look at other artists who create wonderful work avaiable on Etsy!

  6. Please forgive me for being late, but thank you so much for adding my Ear Swirl! I've enjoyed looking at some of the other things you've presented here. I may have to do a little shopping...hmmmm....