Sunday, July 12, 2009

This Weekend in Etsy Land

Wow, big weekend this weekend and I realized just how unprepared for overnight success I am! I know, it's only a temporary swell from being shown on the front page but I've sold about 8 items in 1 day and realized in the midst that a batch of sealable tea bags I bought are no good and won't seal! ACK!

I've special ordered 600 more so I should be in good shape for a while but I won't get them in until later this week. None of the herb stores or health food stores in the area carry them. Boo!!!

Also, I'm currently enmasked in a new concoction of mine that my partner and I are being guniea pigs for...mud masks! Specifically I have melded together some fabulous Dead Sea Mud, Tea Tree Oil and Rosemary Oil and we're awaiting the results. If it works I might have to sell it...this stuff feels great and I'm about to wash it off! Wish me luck!

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