Sunday, July 12, 2009

New Tea Added - PMS Tea!

I finally put the finishing touches on my newest herbal tea, the PMS Tea! (aka Please Make it Stop Tea).

Ever feel like something has invaded your body, or the body of the woman in your life during a certain time of the month? The horrible cramps, the painful bloating, that feeling that you want to kill everyone around you for breathing too loud? Yeah, I thought so. This tea is a culmination of weeks of research and testing and today I can offer it up to those of you who suffer through PMS. Therefore I introduce to you Please Make it Stop Tea (aka PMS Tea).

PMS Tea is made from all organic products, Rooibos tea, lavender buds, skullcap, chaste berries, passionflower, ginger root, marshmallow root, crampbark, and spearmint leaves. This tea can also be made with Ceylon tea if you want something a little less sweet.

In each re-sealable bag you will receive 15 ready-to-use tea bags. Each bag holds approximately 1 tsp of tea. One bag can make a very large mug of strong and delectable tea and two bags can make a nice small pot of tea. This can be made as loose leaf tea as well, just convo me. When sent as a loose tea I will include an unbleached muslin bag. If needed, I can also include a tea strainer if prefered.

This tea will help ease the cramps, reduce your bloating, and help ease the tension and anger of even the worst PMS victim. Don't let another month of agony go by! Try PMS tea and you'll wonder why you waited!

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