Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Works In Progress, Restorative Bath Salts, Herbal First Aid Kits

What's that crazy girl working on now, you ask? So much I don't have enough time in the day. Here are some things that I'm currently working on:

Restorative Bath Salt for Cancer Patients

I've had many friends and family, not to mention myself, who have suffered with Cancer or who are suffering with it. One thing they tell me over and over again is that they are so tired, so weak, in pain and achy. Plenty of bath salts can relax muscles, plenty can revive you, but I am currently researching the newest information on homeopathic cancer treatments and ways to incorporate that into my products. Some things I have found very interesting is the studies on Frankincense Essential Oils and its healing properties, Green Tea, Ginger Root, and Raspberry Leaf. Since I have all these items in stock, and others which are also known to help those battling cancer, I will be trying to create a bath salt that will not only aid in the fight, but also relieve the symptoms. Sure, I could just throw them all in, but you may end up smelling weird, and who wants that??

Herbal First Aid Kits

Not only am I working on increasing my inventory and creating new items to sell, but I am on a mission to eliminate 90% of all over the counter medicines from my medicine cabinet. I'm sure I'm not the only one. It is my goal and dream to have a cabinet filled with herbal remedies, oils, creams, teas, and tinctures for every scenario. I can't imagine I am alone in this desire, but not everyone can buy everything they'll need and put it all together without spending a fortune and enormous amounts of time and energy researching it and creating I'm going to create it for them, and you! I am currently putting together some basic lists of items that one may want around the house for different seasons, different reasons, etc. Once I have made enough to create a comprehensive kit (one for each season) I will offer them up for sale! What's not to love? All organic, all natural, and healthy!

As I always tell everyone, I love suggestions, I love new ideas and requests! So, if you have a particular item you can't find elsewhere let me know! If you have an ailment and would like to find an herbal aid for it just convo me or comment and ask! I may get ideas but most of my products come from inspiration for you all!!!! Help me help you! Help me help YOU! hahaha

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