Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Why I Love/Hate Facebook

So I joined up with Facebook a week or so ago, both as myself and as a fan page for The Om Intention shop (feel free to become a fan..ack, I have "fans", I'm famous! Yay!). At first nothing happened, then I found some people I knew and "friended" them, now I'm getting in touch with all my old college friends and even my college roommate! It's been so wonderful seeing how everyone is doing but it is becoming addicting and perhaps dangerous!

See, the problem is we are getting ready to invite 87 people to our wedding thanks to a few unexpected direct invites made by my mother which is a lot more than we anticipated for our small little wedding. Now I'm seeing my college roommate, my dear friends that I shared so much with for 4 years of fun, embarrassment, and drunken moments that I will NEVER share with anyone else....and I want to invite them too! Oh hell, I want to invite EVERYONE! Come one, come all! Get ready to have some great food and do some ridiculous amounts of dancing! I want to shout it from the rooftops....then I think of the catering many more favors we'll have to order....and I begin to calm down.

So I came up with a plan! If you all buy TONS of tea and herbs from me between now and January I will have enough extra income to invite everyone to my wedding! And you'll have lots of wonderful tea and herbs and the heartwarming feeling of helping me make my wedding dreams come true. hehehe

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