Sunday, July 12, 2009

Featured on Etsy's Front Page

I, like many other Etsy sellers have tried everything we can think of to get attention from buyers. I, myself, had bought into doing two separate Showcases for $7 for 1 day and got not a single sale from it. But this weekend I saw just how fabulous being featuered on the front page can be!

Yesterday morning I went online to see if I had a sale and in my inbox I saw I had 2, and they were for my herbs! This rarely happens so I excitedly went to the Etsy site to relist and as the front page of Etsy came up I saw a very familiar picture at the very top! One of my own herbs!
Etsy had decided to do a feature on items with the word Organic in them and they had chosen my Organic Gotu Kola tea aid as one of them. I immediately went to my shop and by that time I had 2 MORE sales! I had also made a sale from my Artfire account as well! I was so excited that I had to let my Earthpath Artisan team members know, and by the time I had posted something about it in the team forum and relisted the several items that had sold I had 2 MORE sales!

WOW! So I did my little "Thank you PPF" dance around the kitchen as my sweety made brownies from scratch for a barbeque and I screeched like I hadn't screeched since I was about 12.

Etsy can feature me any time they want to! I just wish I had known they would earlier because I have now run out of my tea-bags that I use and no one in my area, or even within a 20 miles radius carries them so I've special ordered them for immediate shipping. I may not have enough to finish all the sales I made this weekend but I should have the new order by Wednesday or Thursday and then off they go!

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