Thursday, July 23, 2009

There Are a Few of My Favorite Things - Asian Edition

There are so many beautiful items on Etsy, that I just felt the need to do another Etsy Seller Feature, this time with an Asian theme! So this week I have art, ceramics, mobile, decals, and votive holders, oh my! All beautiful, all creative, and all Asian-inspired home decor!

Japanese Chiyogami paper is beautiful on its own, but add some mood lighting to them and they shine! This collection, Wonderland Blues, of votive holders is a wonderful addition to any room! Small, unobtrussive but what a statement! Just put a votive candle in them and watch them glow! Gamiworks has many beautiful chiyogami paper-inspired items in their shop, each more beautiful than the next!

Origami is an ancient form of paper-folding that has been around for centuries. Anyone who had art-class as a child tried their hand at it themselves, I'm sure. Myself, I've never been able to fold much more than a napkin. These beautiful Floating Lily Hanging Mobile by SimpleSweetDesign is much more impressive than my sad and sloppy Artichoke Heart, I must say. Dainty, lovely, beautiful in shades of green and yellow, this would look so sweet above a baby's crib, over a home-office desk, or hanging in a nice corner of a room, drawing all eyes to it the moment you walk in. And if greens and yellows aren't your colors? She has them in every color combo you can imagine, along with dozens of other beautiful pieces!

Speaking of drawing all eyes to something in the room, this beautiful
limited edition glicee print of tcatalano's Catching Desert Dreams makes me think of a beautiful desert hallucination. It also makes me think how nice it would look above my desk. At 9 x 12 inches, this print is just large enough to brighten up the room without taking it over!

Whether you're looking for some beautiful ACEOs, glicee prints, or original works, all tcatalanos items are just as creative and inspired.

Looking for a fun, vibrant place to plant some herbs or flowers? Brighten up the room with these gorgeous red and black handpainted ceramic pots, dotted with sweet cherry blossoms. MonkeyJunkyGoods has several different styles and colors available, these are pots are 4x4 and the perfect size for your own mini indoor garden!

Want to spruce up your apartment but can't paint the walls? Wall decals are the next best option, and this Lotus Blossom - Mehndi is perfect for those seeking to bring a little peace and meditation into the room. They come in a multitude of colors and are anice and large (about 22x22). This piece is certainly not the only one that BadassCustomDecals has, in fact their collection ranges from meditative to entertainment, children's room to toilet! Check out their Etsy store, check out their website!

I hope you enjoyed my little feature of fellow Etsy artisans! Next time will be some lovely sellers at Artfire!

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