Thursday, July 2, 2009

New Tea Unveiled! Migraine and Headaches Beware!

My dear friend Wendy has been struggling with migraines ever since I met her. I felt so bad that I offered to make her a tea if she was willing to be my guinea pig, and she bravely took me up on my offer.

After researching the best possible herbs for relieving headaches and migraines, researching a little about the perceived causes of migraines, I created my newest herbal tea which I lovingly call The Noggin Number. That's Number as in "it numbs your head" not "the number seven".

Take a look!

Oh, and anyone else willing to be a guinea pig, please feel free to let me know. Tell me what ails you, I'll create a tea for it, send you 6 sample tea bags, as long as you promise to give me honest and detailed feeback on how it works, tastes, etc, and agree to post a little blurb about it with a link to my Etsy page in your own blog or Facebook, or whatever. I want to start putting up quotes of happy customers :) I might not be able to get to everyone but I will try. I'll scratch your Tea-drinking back if you scratch mine :)

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