Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Feedback Hugs

There is not much that can rival waking up exhausted, having a rough commute to work, logging onto your Etsy account to find that someone left you positive feedback and said lovely things about the product. That immediate glow of happiness and joy...knowing that someone really likes something that you made with your own hands and put so much time and effort into! I just want to reach through cyberspace and give that person a giant hug!

Now, I appreciate the glowing feedback I get for my readings, trust me I do, but I've always felt as though I participate very little in the readings. I simply go through the motions and allow Energy and my spirit guide to choose the best possible cards for that person. Sure, I may decipher the meaning from it, type it up nice, and add a little of my own thoughts and suggestions to them, but overall I would say readings are a group effort.

The teas and other herbal products (some of which I'm still testing) are 99% me. I research them, I read about the herbs, I check sources to make sure I know what possible side-effects they may have for people, I mix them, brew them, taste them, test them, design them, and package them. While I completely accept that I have my spirit guide to thank for a lot of the success I've had so far with making my teas and products, her inspiration and gentle guidance still leaves me with the majority of the work.

So, the feedback I get from my readings, while it lifts my spirits and has the double blessing of showing others that I'm not some internet fraud, is wonderful I have to admit that getting great feedback for my teas just makes my week! So don't forget to leave great feedback for others! Tip your waitresses!


  1. I was just browsing your teas last night. I thought about getting the PMS tea, but I'm one of the few lucky women who never gets cramps, bloating, or feels like a she-devil at that time. LOL. I could use some "get off your butt and do something productive" tea though. ;-)

    toeNja on Etsy

  2. Renee, thanks! I know what you mean...I could use a "get 12 additional hours in your day" tea.

    Perhaps my next order of business is a "kick in the pants" tea :)

  3. Ha ha that would be great. I'll have to keep an eye on your shop.